1010 Sunset Road, Spring Grove, IL 60081

We have babies! Born August 1, Mother is Bella (Yenn x
Celine), father Mongul (Alika x Dante), gorgeous, big babies!
Ready to go Sept 26 to approved homes.

Sunset Training Center is a dog , K-9 training, and behavior modification facility first,
we breed a small number of puppies because we see there is a need for well bred, well
raised, healthy German Shepherds. We had a hard time finding them for ourselves!

Not a puppy mill and not a backyard breeder, STC has just a few shepherds,
never more than can get attention every day. All puppies are raised in the home, with
constant love and attention. We know what we are doing and have a very careful
breeding program using only  imported German Shepherd dogs from top German
bloodlines, that should be bred to continue the breed at it's best. (We are on 10 acres-
plenty of room!)

Fabulous pedigrees from both parents- yes, it matters- by breeding good
natured, healthy dogs from healthy, good natured bloodlines, your chances of getting
a sickly, bad tempered dog are cut to almost impossibly low levels.

Both parents are either imported or from our imported and SV registered
which means several generations have all

shots, wormed,

5) Behaviorist works with the puppies from day one, they are brought up with the
highest possible standards for the psychological and physical well being.

6) puppies are bred to be
"protective/ defence" driven rather than the more
"prey driven". Prey driven is what makes a dog wanting to chase a cat, or
anything else! Protective/ defence driven dogs protect the family, they do not hunt like
a prey driven dog would. We feel prey driven dogs have very little room in a family
environment. All our dogs are totally trustworthy around the neighborhood kids, none
chase cats etc, all alert to strangers or visitors, all stop and are friendly when told. We
will NEVER breed a dog that needs to be locked away around strangers or kids, to us
that is a very severe temperament fault.

hips, elbows, and temperament is guaranteed!

8) Free training help is included! You get twelve Free PRIVATE training sessions
in the first year! (We want this to be the best dog you ever owned- or, owned you, as
the case may be!)

9)  We sometimes keep some puppies back and those are placed already started on
training basic obedience, leash training, and crate training, soon will be starting the
preliminaries for protection work. We will be happy to finish the training for you so you
can take your new family member home and just enjoy!-SOLD OUT

Good German Shepherds should be able to be very versatile and safe. If
someone does not allow you to see the parents of the pups, or the parents appear
nasty,  walk away- the dogs need to be safe and bad temperament is often passed on-
why start from a negative? While being a good watch and guard dog, our dogs are
bred not to be vicious or bad tempered. It's the difference between a police officer and
the mad man with a semi automatic that shoots at the public. Totally different mindset!
Come out and meet our "kids" we love to show them off!
a)  had hips and elbows that passed
b)  had temperament tests, (to weed out  vicious or bad temperament dogs )
c )  had obedience titles
d) had courage tests (fearful dogs do not pass)
e) had obedience titles (hard to train dogs need not apply!)
f) had working titles
g) have conformation tiltes (beauty pagent winners)
h)  received a KKL1 rating ( to breed a dog must have a KKL or KKL2 rating,
KKL being the most desirable, KKL2 means they are approved but not top of
the line).Why does this matter? Because from good breeding comes good
healthy dogs with great temperament, gorgeous looks, and a desire to
please. Looking at the pedigrees and the pictures of the dogs, there is a
consistency that comes from generations of careful breeding of the best to
the best. All our puppies look very similar, and people ask about that. If you
breed the best to the best in the standard, you will get a  uniformly nice litter
of pups with consistently great temperament, willingness to please, excellent
conformation, and
Please call or text for availability, I'm sorry, it changes daily as we
take deposits and we sometimes just can't keep up! Thanks!
Never thought I'd ever see a
dog as great as my old Max,
but this puppy is the best dog I
have ever had. Housebroken in
one day, listens to everything I
say, follows me  everywhere.
People stop me on the street
and wonder where I found such
a beautiful dog. It really shows
the amount of love and work
that went into this puppy!
Thank you
Bob S.
Baraboo, WI

This puppy has surpassed all
our expectations! I hate to
buy long distance but
something told me to do it
and I am so glad I did- thank
you so very, very much.
Margot T.
Tampa,  FL

Loved the fact that you offer
free training for your puppies
smart and eager to please, we
don't need it!
By the way, someone tried to
break into our house last
night, Karo growled and
barked like a big boy, And he
is only 5 months, can you
believe it? He is so nice with
our visitors and the neighbor
kids I never thought he would
be such a good watchdog. It's
amazing how these dogs turn it
on and off, we are very
pleased and want to inquiry
about getting him a "little
brother or sister". Can you let
us know what you would
recommend  and when you
would have a puppy available?
Thank you,
John and Rebecca M.
Oakbrook, IL

Since I got Gretchen (Sunshine
X Yenn baby), I feel safe again.
so scary sometimes, but now I
take walks with her and sleep so
love her and come out and say
hi when they see us, it's really
nice. The other day we were
walking and there was a strange
man and Gretchen did this little
growl and watched him really
carefully. He crossed the street
and I was so relieved and so
proud of her. Thank you for
giving me my life back.
Margaret R.
Milwaukee, WI
German Shepherds vom Sunset Platz

Thank you so much for always
answering the phone and answering
any questions we had on the new
puppy. We are so surprised to see the  
level of caring you have shown after
the puppy went home with us. We
really didn't expect it! Thank you again
for letting me be a "pest"! By the way,
Hannah is a doll- we adore her!
Josie S.
Green Bay, WI

I never thought I could love it as much
as Max (the first puppy I got from you),
but it sure is easy, he's wonderful and
the two get along great- thank you so
John R
Des Moines, Iowa

We can't believe how patient this puppy is
with my kids, he's so gentle with them. I'm
glad we took your advice and got the older
more trained puppy, the extra cost was more
than worth day and is super well behaved.
Thank you for doing such a great job!

Chuck and Luisa W.
Madison WI

You said these dogs were smart- they
should have a warning label! Never
had a dog as smart as Diesel, he is
incredible, best dog ever!

Mike and Laura K.
Indianapolis, IN