1010 Sunset Road, Spring Grove, IL 60081
Question and Answers

Do you use food rewards?

No, we do not use food rewards in our dog training as a rule. There are
exceptions but they are very rare. While training with food rewards seems  much
easier, we find it does not build the relationship with the owner or build love and
respect the way "love rewards" does.

What method do you use?

It depends on the dog, the problem, and the family. We are very familiar with
many different ways to train and we find what works for you and your dog - it
has to be one that is effective with the dog
and that you are comfortable following
through with. It's your dog, you are the boss! We never do anything you are not
comfortable with and don't understand.

How many sessions do I need to sign up for?

One at a time. You are done when you feel you are done, there is no
minimum. Some dogs and families only need one session. After each session you
decide if you need to book another one or you can decide to call us when you need
to book another one, you are in control. We often hear of people saying they
continued going to an ineffective trainer because they had paid for "x" number of
lessons. We don't want to do that!

What is your experience?

Over 40 years, trained dogs for special needs, personal protection, drug
detection, and severe behavior problems. I especially like severe behavior
problems because they need me the most. For many dogs, this is their last
chance and their families are often so broken hearted! It heals everyone and I
love it, it is so rewarding to see the relationship heal and develop! We also have
basic obedience and advanced obedience, plus tracking and just about anything
you can think off (about!).

Do you work with all breeds?

Yes, we do. I don't think there's a breed we have not worked with!

My dog bites, I called everywhere and no one will work with him, do you
take biters?

Yes, we do. We will do a free assessment, and when we know where we
stand, let you know if we feel we can help. We have helped many, many dogs with
these problems and it is very rare that we feel a dog can't be helped .

Will you come to our house?

Yes, we do make house calls, though we have an excellent large indoor/outdoor
facility, plus 10 acres so  most people prefer to come here.

Do you do weekends?

Yes, we do , we realize most people are pretty frantic during the week so we are a 7
day a week facility.