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Service and Emotional Support Dogs

There seems to be a huge need for legitimate service and emotional
support dogs, that are affordable and well trained to meet a recipients
needs. For that reason , and because we have had such success, we
are offering dogs at different levels and prices. Our dogs are not from
rescues of undetermined breeding and background. These dogs have
been bred and raised to have the inherent ability to do the services
required of them, just as service dogs for the blind are especially bred
and trained.

There are several options for someone needing a service or ESD.

  1) We can evaluate your dog to see if he can be trained to meet your
  2) You can get a specially bred puppy and, with the help of our
experienced trainers, train it yourself.
  3). Get a partially trained puppy and finish it with help from out
  4) Get a fully trained dog that meets your needs.

  When we meet we will discuss your needs and abilities and see what
option would be best for you and what your dream partner would be
like. You can do this!
  Please, call or text for more information, we want to help you get your
life back!