My Rott was out of control, he would growl at us if we tried to take anything away from him,
would nip at us if we didn't play with him, stole food, chewed up everything in the house.

While we felt an obligation to him, we really can't say we enjoyed him- he was awful!

We know no one would take him and our only choice would be to put him down, but we just
could not quite bring ourselves to do that.

Our vet recommended calling Claudia so we did (without much hope to be honest).

The turn around was remarkable! She pin pointed the problem and without any cruelty,
turned him around in just a few minutes. It was spooky!!  And he adored her, she could do
anything to him after ONE session- my husband and I were just flabbergasted!!

Then she taught us how to do what she did and was very patient with us and made sure
we understood and could do it.

I would recommend her to anyone,  trust me, you will end up with what we ended up with A
GREAT DOG!! I can't believe we ever wanted him gone, we wouldn't dream off it now!

Mary S
Long Grove, IL

We were looking to replace our Yellow Lab  and decided to take a White German Shepard that
was already 1 ½ years old.

Perfect, we thought, already house broke and knew the basic sit, stay. Very loving when we met
her and my teenage son loved her immediately. What we didn’t know was within a week she
was not compatible with other dogs nor people on the street.  I was not able to walk her during
busy times or near anyone on the street without her trying to wrangle free from her leash and
attack.  I tried another trainer and was very costly and slow at training her issues.

I was at my wits end, not knowing what I was going to do for the next 10 years with no friends
being able to come over and only walking her in early morning.

Claudia had me bring her to her center and knew she could work everything out and a lot
quicker than I was paying for, and she sure did.  Within 15 minutes my dog was more obedient,
and hugging Claudia’s leg , because she had found the guidance she needed to become a
happier dog. She was playing with others within days , for the first time in her life, and now eats
out of the same bowl and allows other dogs to take bones right out of her mouth.

She was thought to be aggressive and now rides in the car everywhere with manners that you
could only dream of.   Thank goodness Claudia came along when she did. I have my life back
and this dog needs no leash and minds every command. I swore off ever getting anything but a
puppy again, but I believe Claudia could rehabilitate any shelter dog into becoming what you
want as a companion and will ask her what dog suits me before I get another dog in the future.


Mundelein, IL
1010 Sunset Road, Spring Grove, IL 60081
The purpose of my letter today is to tell you thank you for everything you have done for my
dog Baxter and myself. I came to you for some specific behavior problems that I was having with
Baxter that other trainers did not seem to know how to remedy.
You have been able to give me the proper methods and tools to work with Baxter and see
positive results. Baxter is a work  in progress but let me tell you he has come full circle from
where he was before. If I am not mistaken Baxter even looks like he is smiling and enjoying his
time when we are training too!
I want to let you know that your methods have been very easy to work with and easy to
incorporate in my own home. It has been nice to be able to work in a large enclosed area while
training with you in the middle of the winter. You have been extremely flexible with my
schedule and our training appointments and I really appreciate that as well.
Thank you again for everything!
Christine Behringer
(815) 403-0860
I called everywhere and no one would help me with my dog. They offered to do a boot camp for
900 a month, or obedience training, which is not what we needed, we needed him to quit
attaching other dogs and people, he couldn't even be walked, he was so awful.
Claudia got his number within 15 minutes and had him totally turned around in 2
sessions. It was incredible!
Jusy Johnson,
Belvidere, IL