1010 Sunset Road, Spring Grove, IL 60081
Our  old stud dog- grandfather of the puppies (and my buddy!)
Yenn is a fabulous example of the best in the West German Shepherd. His kind and gentle disposition, combined with his tolerance makes him a favorite of
the neighborhood kids and all visitors. His beauty radiates outside and inside, where it really counts! We love his super intelligence- sometimes we swear he
knows everything we are saying! He is the kind of forever dog and "once in a lifetime " pal everyone dreams of!
His puppies have all been even better than the parents (the ultimate goal of every conscientious breeder, we love to see that!
Pictures with children are of children he had just met- all our dogs have to be wonderful and safe with kids (even total strangers) - it's a
How safe do you think this little girl is with her "buddy" along?
Doing Protection work
With some new friends
Doing the obstacle course with a friend's darling daughter- he was bigger than she is!
They are in love! They had so much fun playing on the agility course- it was darling
and he was so sweet with her, so very gentle and caring- Is this what they mean by
"puppy love"?
approved for breeding for two years and then get their permanent if all is great.) He is an
outstanding dog who produces outstanding puppies!!