1010 Sunset Road, Spring Grove, IL 60081
Gorgeous, big Black and Reds! Father SCH/IPO3 (highest tile)!!! All parents imported from
Germany and SV registered, as to be a registered litter in Germany, parents have to pass a
temperament test, courage test, conformation title,  have an obedience title, working titles,
and have the hips and elbows certified, several generations of that produces fabulous
puppies since problems have been selectively bred out of the line! We breed for defence
drive vs prey drive. Prey drive is the hunting instinct in dogs, why they chase cats etc,
defence/protection drive is what makes a dog protect his family (or a mama bear!). There is
a huge difference in temperament, especially in a family situation!

Home raised by animal behaviorist and trainer, these are amazing family pets and
guardians, both parents on premises, fabulous bloodlines, hips/health guarantee, 1 year
FREE professional obedience training help is included (we want our pups to be the best dog
you ever owned!), references available. Bloodlines are SV registered, all will be AKC . When
you think of the cost of having a dog- emotional and financial- it makes sense to get the best!

Champion bloodlines (solid) with working titles! On both sides, sire and dam!
Both parents imported from TOP Lines for health, temperament, and trainability
Health guarantee  
Temperament guarantee
Pet and Show
Gentle guardians and loyal friends
Raised in the home and imprinted, handled many times a day (hard not to!)
Extremely intelligent and easy to train!
Raised in the home, small breeding program, we are a training and behavior modification
facility, not a large breeding farm.

These are the real thing! The true German Shepherds that could be the first seeing eye
dogs, and guard the house while 2 year olds played with them. Come and meet the parents,
we love to show them off! You can tell a lot about the temperament of the puppies by the
inherent temperament of the parents.
Just like children will inherit temperament traits
from the parents, so the puppies- make sure you meet and pet the parents,
observe the parents near your children- if they are not trustworthy, that is not a
good sign! Children are precious and their safety is paramount!!
All our shepherds are imported because of the strict German breeding regulations- we
love them! We breed a limited number of puppies each year from superior bloodlines
specifically to be family pets and guardians. Crime has become a major concern,
especially with the cut back sat police departments, yet not every dog is suited to be a
gentle guardian. All puppies are temperament tested and home raised to be sure that
we know each puppy intimately and can find the best match for your needs. We keep
back some older puppies for further training as some people have that need. Call us
regarding your needs, we want for you and your new family member to
both be
extremely happy! For that reason, we also offer  training help FREE of charge for our